Maria Leppänen

born in Karvia 1982
works and lives in Tampere


2009 Visual Artist (BA) TAMK University of Applied Sciences,
Fine Arts programme

2005 The Adult Upper Secondary School of Tammerkoski,
Matriculation Examination

1998-2001 Savonlinna Senior Secondary School of Art and Music
Visual Arts oriented line

Solo Exhibitions

2008 MISS UNIVERSE, Gallery Ikuinen Galleria, Tampere

2005 It´s Not All Black And White -exhibition, Koti Bar, Tampere

Group Exhibitions

2009 Diskurssidisko, Mältinranta Artcenter, Tampere

2009 Megalomania, Gallery Huoltamo, Tampere

2008 The Most Wonderful Christmas Window of Tampere, Gallery Huoltamo, Tampere

2007 Shelved Elovena advertisements (1925-2007), Gallery Huoltamo, Tampere

2007 AVO introduces: Enchanted Factory - City Art Festival, The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Siperia Center, Children´s Cultural Center Rulla, Tampere

2007 The School System of Karvia 120 years - visual art exhibition, Karvia

2005 Class Photograph Gallery Ikuinen Galleria, Tampere

Upcoming Exhibitions

2009 Ojanevan aavalla tuulee -summer exhibition at Kantokylä

2009 Kärpäsnevalla tuulee -summer exhibition at Ämmälänkylä

2009 Space, Children´s Cultural Center Rulla, Tampere


2008 The Tea Party at The Parking Lot -performance, A Day Without Cars, Hämeenkatu, Tampere


2007 Village event exhibition, Sopukka, Karvia

2006 Village event exhibition, Sopukka, Karvia

Video Festivals

2008 Tampere kuplii -The Tampere Comics Festival Animation Screening, Yo-talo, Tampere

2007 A Morning Gay, Experimental Finnish Video Art Screening, Gallery Kakelhallen, Mariehamn

2007 Heart Attacks -screening, Tampere

2006 Tampere Art Short Films, Semafori, Tampere